Regulatory links

Compliance and your organization

Today, both public and private entities face a growing number of laws and regulations aimed at
safeguarding the environment.  At Environmental Connection, LCC,   we can help you interpret those
complicated regulations with regard to your specific situation.   Then we can offer you a variety of
innovative and cost-effective solutions

For the latest news about environmental legislation and regulations, contact us at Environmental
Connection , or visit these regulatory agency web sites:

Federal agencies


US Army Corps of Engineers home page

New York district

Philadelphia district

US Fish and Wild Service                         

U.S. Geological Survey                          

National Park Service                             

National Marine Fisheries Services (Northeast Office)    

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

State Agencies

Delaware Dept. Of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

New York Department of Environmental Conservation

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

New Jersey Pinelands Commission
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