Gene McColligan, Principal Ecologist

Gene McColligan possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ramapo College  (Mahwah, NJ) in
Environmental Science/Human Ecology and a Masters of Arts Degree from Montclair State
University (Upper Montclair, N.J.) in Environmental Management.  After earning his Masters of Arts
degree, he took the following continuing professional education courses at various educational
facilities: Coordinated Resource Management- Guidelines and Process for Watershed Planning,
Wetland Systems of the Northeast, Interest Based Negotiation, Training of State Trainers: Interagency
Wetlands Identification and Delineation Course, Wetlands Identification and delineation, Wetlands
Classification, and Stormwater Management for Engineers.


As a cofounder of Environmental Connection, LLC.  Gene McColligan is a respected environmental
scientist with 29 years of progressively responsible positions in the public and private sector, including
the New Jersey Departments of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and Transportation (NJDOT)
and Ramapo Valley Associates, Inc. . He has a solid technical knowledge of northeastern ecosystems
and is well versed in plant and wildlife identification, wetland delineation, wetland functional
assessments, stream ecology and riparian buffers, natural resource management, watershed planning
and management, stormwater management, and regulatory permitting.  

Gene has prepared natural resource inventories, environmental impact statements, environmental
assessments, and technical documents for a variety of public and private organizations. He has
prepared land use ordinances for townships and statewide regulations governing freshwater wetlands,
stream corridor management, and stormwater management.  He has also assisted the New Jersey
Office of the Attorney General in preparation of evidence and affidavits for use in administrative
hearings and appeared in court to testify in contested cases.

Gene supervised and coordinated work at two environmental education facilities in New Jersey and
participated in two environmental education videos. He has provided environmental training for
teachers and provided plant identification, stormwater management and wetlands identification and
delineation training for government employees. He also instructed a variety of short courses on
ecological and/or regulatory issues at Cook College (Rutgers University) and other professional
settings. In addition, he has written several papers on vegetation and wetland evaluation.

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